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The Lag

Often people give up during the gap between cause and effect, and they miss out on the benefits of their labor. Don’t give in to the “lag”. Download the...

The Making Of a Manager (with Julie Zhuo)

When you first step into your role as a manager, your entire work world changes. You are no longer simply responsible for your own work. Now, you are responsible for the work, the culture, the process, and anything else that happens on your team. It can feel overwhelming. On this episode, Julie Zhou (VP of Product Design at Facebook) shares insights for managers from her new book The Making of a Manager.

Keeper Of The Flame

Your productive passion is like a quiet fire that burns just beneath the surface of your daily activity. You must do whatever it takes to protect the flame. Download the...

Recovering From A Bad Decision

When you fail, it’s tempting to want to shift the blame or cover it up. However, it’s a mark of character to accept your mistake and try to make it right. On this episode, I share a few core principles for doing so. Download the...

Escape Hatches

There are a number of ways in which we build “escape hatches” to relieve the stress and fear that we might under-perform. On this episode, I talk about three of those common “secondary ways of escape”, and how to begin to counter them.