Color Filter Theory

Which lens is coloring your creativity and decision-making?

Distractions (Squirrel!)

Six strategies for minimizing the “ping”.

The Art of Completing Conversations

A simple strategy for bringing alignment to your team.

How To Keep Going (with Austin Kleon)

The importance of persisting in challenging times.


Create Work That Lasts (Interview for Chase Jarvis LIVE)

A few weeks ago I had the chance to travel to LA for an interview with one of my favorite creators and entrepreneurs, Chase Jarvis. Chase is an incredible photographer, and is the co-founder of CreativeLIVE, a platform designed to help creative pros to learn new skills from the best in the business. In this interview, we cover everything from personal habits and rituals, to how to deal with creative doubt, to how to lead creative people effectively.


Creative vs. Operations

Creative vs. Operations

Eric says, "I'd love to hear about balancing operations work with design. As a creative leader I naturally want to spend as much time as possible helping my team make their work. However i spend a lot of time helping operations folks." [iframe style="border:none"...

Making Time For What’s Most Important

Mahin asks "I'd like to hear more about developing the discipline to keep my day balanced. My current struggle is not giving in to the pressure to get more planning/promo/desk work done and sacrifice other things like sleep and getting to the gym. [iframe...

How To Elevate The Value of Design

Terri asks about ways to change perceptions that others might have about your design team to help them understand where designers can have real value on a project, as opposed to just making it look like a nice product. [iframe style="border:none"...

How To Know When To Pivot Or Quit

Timothy wants to know when it's time to pivot a project or quit it altogether. On this episode, I share one of my favorite resources to help you make that decision. [iframe style="border:none"...

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