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Podcast: Tending The Flame

You have a fire burning just beneath the surface of your life and work. It’s not a roaring blaze, but it’s white hot. It’s what fuels your best work. It’s your <em>voice</em>.

However, daily life, obligations, and the pressures of the create-on-demand world often snuff out this fire. They kick ashes on it and smother it. Worse, they want to pile firewood on it and turn it into a bonfire before you are ready to handle the load. Unfortunately, far too many people pile the firewood onto their own fire, but fail to tend the flame.

<strong>In your life and work, you are the keeper of the flame.</strong> It’s your job to keep the fire burning, whatever it takes. It’s essential to your ability to thrive, and build a body of work that you point to with pride.


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