Podcast: Brian Wells on Risk, Entrepreneurship, and Criticizing By Creating

Many people have ideas they’d like to pursue, whether that’s a new business, or a personal project, but in the choking stress of day to day life, their passion eventually wanes and the idea lies dormant. How do you actually bring an idea into the world, even while you are balancing all of the normal pressures of a job and a family?

Sometimes we elevate the stories of people who have built multi-billion dollar businesses, or have climbed their way to the top of the corporate mountain, and we try to glean backward-looking insights into how they achieved their success. That can definitely be valuable. However, sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is currently in the fray, right with you and me, and can tell us what they’re experiencing here and now.

My guest today is Brian Wells. He is – right now – in the middle of bringing an idea into the world – one that he’s been working on for three years – and we’re going to talk about his project, his perspective on risk, and the most important thing for entrepreneurs to possess. Listen all the way to the end, because he drops an amazing bit of advice from some entertainment heavyweights.

Brian has been a friend for many years, and is one of the wisest people I know, which is why I wanted to share a bit of his story with you. He has just authored a book called The League and the Lantern, which has unexpectedly become one of the most successful debut novels in Kickstarter history, and is poised to break the publishing mold, and do a lot of good while entertaining kids all over the globe.

You can learn more about Brian’s Kickstarter project – which ends on March 15 – here.



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