Manage Your Mind, Not Your Time (with David Kadavy)

We have more tools available for time management than at any point in human history. However, managing our time is a fool’s errand if we’re not investing that time in ways that create future value. Things like creativity, insight, and even life satisfaction must be considered, not just efficiency. However, many people and organizations sacrifice effectiveness on the altar of short-term efficiency.

David Kadavy has just released a book in which he argues that we must manage our ability to bring our full creative faculties to whatever work is in front of us rather than simply focusing on managing our time. His book is called Mind Management, Not Time Management, and covers the principles of maintaining focus, creativity, and viability each day.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • Why we inevitably hit a point of diminishing returns with our creative efforts, and how to prevent it.
  • How Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday, and why it’s a perfect illustration of the four phases of creativity.
  • Methods for capturing every idea as it appears so that it doesn’t slip away.
  • How to structure your days to take advantage of your best creative hours rather than force-fitting your tasks into a pre-determined template.

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