Color Filter Theory

by | The Accidental Creative

The story you believe becomes your experience of reality, because it’s your filter for all of your experiences. If you filter your life through the lens of anxiety, everything will feel like a threat. If you filter your life through the lens of hopelessness, then when things are going well you won’t be able to enjoy it because you’ll always be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If you filter your life through the lens of envy, then you’ll always feel like others are getting a better deal than you, even when you’re doing better than you could have ever imagined. These inner narratives/filters are very stealthy and difficult to spot. I’ve developed what I call “color filter theory” to help identify areas where I’m slipping into unhealthy thought patterns or narratives. On this episode, I share those filters and how they affect us.

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Todd Henry

Todd Henry

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