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The Village

There are many narratives that keep people – all of us – at bay and prevent us from taking creative risks. Are there any narratives that are limiting your engagement or your sense of what might be possible for you? Download the...

Simple and Clear

Unnecessary complexity gives rise to simple and stupid behavior. Do something today to prune needless complexity and overly-confusing processes. Download the...

How To Receive Negative (and Unfair) Feedback

How do you handle feedback? We need other people in our lives to tell us the truth. If we immediately get defensive when they tell us something we don’t like, we will lose key allies in our journey of growth. If you manage a team, your trigger happy ways will eventually destroy the culture of your team. On this episode, we share a few strategies for dealing with feedback in a healthy way.

Cool Tool: Scribd

On this episode I share a reading tool that has completely transformed my study time. It’s essentially the “Netflix for books”, and my reading has increased in both breadth and depth since I started using it. Download the...