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Dealing With A Difficult Co-Worker

They’re all around us – difficult co-workers. The person that always seems to rub you the wrong way. On this episode, I offer three quick principles for dealing with that person you can’t seem to get along with. Download the...

Speaking Truth To Power

At some point in you career, you will have to challenge an idea or direction that someone you report to is championing. On this episode, I offer some thoughts for how to do it in a way that protects both your organization and your own career. Download the...

Legacy In The Making (with Lucas Conley)

How do you define legacy? Or more importantly, what will be the legacy of your business or brand? Or, for you personally? On this episode, Lucas Conley shares insights from his reseach about how people and brands are building legacies that resonate and last. His book is called Legacy In The Making.