The Big Idea: Herding Tigers

What do highly creative people really need from their leader? Two things, primarily: stability and challenge. On this episode, I dive into the big idea from my latest book Herding Tigers, and explain why these two forces are the key to unlocking performance and brilliance in the team you lead, in your relationships with your clients, and in any complex collaborative relationship.

The Bullet Journal Method (with Ryder Carroll)

The creator of the Bullet Journal Method is Ryder Carroll, and he’s on this episode of the show to help us understand a bit about how to use journaling to organize our lives and accomplish our goals. He’s just released a book called The Bullet Journal Method, and we’ll be discussing how to better organize your days, and how to know when to launch a passion project into the world.

Atomic Habits (with James Clear)

On today’s show we have a guest who can help us better understand the habits that form the foundation of our success or failure. His name is James Clear, and he’s just released a book called Atomic Habits, which is about the small changes we can make in our daily life to create big change on the other side. It’s a guidebook to healthier habits in life and work, and our conversation with James is coming up in just a moment.

The Big Idea: Die Empty

This is part two in a series of episodes in which I share the “big idea” from each of my books. This episode covers the big idea from my 2013 book Die Empty, which is about the common places people and teams get stuck and fail to do the work they are capable of doing. 

Talk Triggers (with Jay Baer)

When you think of the restaurant The Cheesecake Factory, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably the menu, right? Or how about Doubletree Hotels? The chocolate chip cookie? These are examples of what Jay Baer calls “Talk Triggers”, and they are essential in creating effective word of mouth marketing about your product or service.