7 Word Bio

I’ve been trying to find a way to allow AC community members to introduce themselves to one-another without the typical, “Hi, I’m Bob, I live in Manhattan, I like puppies and rural lightning strikes…”, etc. I came up with the idea of the “7 Word Bio.” (I realize that this may not be entirely original, I don’t know.) Anyway, I’d encourage all of us to engage in this. I think this is a good exercise on a few fronts:

1. It helps us all gain clarity to what we’re REALLY trying to do rather than just giving the factual scoop.
2. It helps us communicate to others what we’re passionate about (process) rather than just fixating on the end result (product).

So, here’s my 7 Word Bio:
“An arms dealer for the creative revolution.”

What is yours? (Rough drafts are fine…)

Photo credit: Lightlady



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