On Becoming A Linchpin

We’re very excited about our recent interview with Seth Godin about his book Linchpin [amazon link]. There are few people who consistently bring the kind of energy and insight that Seth routinely delivers as a matter of course. I think that this book is destined to be considered one of his best, and it was a privilege to hear his perspective on it on the podcast.

It’s become popular these days to stir up visions of uniqueness, expression and individualism in all of its forms, but my encouragement to all of us is that the greatest (and most mature) expression of creativity will happen not as the result of eliminating boundaries, but when we are comfortable within them. We each need a container to fill, and as we grow comfortable within these limitations we can begin to stretch beyond them and expand our platform for expression. But first, we must grow comfortable with our skills and develop the right mindset. We must establish our practices (Time, Energy, Stimulus, Focus, Relationships.) And most of all, we must learn to bring ourselves fully to what’s in front of us. If we can’t be content creating in our current role, a change of scenery will not bring us freedom, it will only magnify our dissatisfaction.

Do something unique this week. Don’t be a cover band. Become a linchpin. And do it from wherever you are. Bring yourself to what you’re doing and make a difference.



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