Four Ways To Reclaim Creative Energy

If you’re like most creative pros, you probably have a number of projects on your plate right now. You probably also have a number of projects twirling around in your head that you’d like to get around to – someday. The weight of all that’s undone can feel oppressive and make you feel like you’re under-performing.

But doing everything at once obviously isn’t the answer either. If you try to tackle too much at any given time, you’re likely to wind up in burnout mode, and you certainly won’t be equipped to bring your best to whatever other important work you’re doing.

When was the last time you purposefully pruned your life (and project list) so that you had the time, focus and energy you needed for your most important work? Doing this on a regular basis is difficult, because each pruned idea and project feels like you’re abandoning a child, but this kind of ruthless dedication to energy management is what’s required in order to sustain over the long-term.

On today’s episode we share four quick questions to help evaluate a project for potential prune-ability.


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