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Every Day Is A Job Interview

How hard would you work today if you knew that keeping your job was dependent on the value you contribute?

Imagine that there is going to be a fifteen minute exit interview at the end of the day, and in this interview you are going to have to account for all of the things you created, how you spent your time, decisions you made, how you handled relationships, and the value you contributed to the organization’s cause. If you can adequately make a case for it, you get to come back tomorrow for another day in your role. If not, you need to get your resume in order.

If that were the case, how hard would you work today?

And the obvious follow-up question is, are you working that hard today anyway?

If not, why? You only have one opportunity to spend your life. One. Are you using that opportunity today to contribute value, or are you simply passing time and deferring your life until tomorrow? Are you too concerned that what you’re doing doesn’t “fulfill” you in some way or that it doesn’t provide you with enough accolades, or are you plugging away, secure in your abilities and identity, knowing that your ability to be a person of integrity in your work has nothing to do with the recognition of others?

The reality is that every day is a job interview. With yourself. Would you hire you?

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