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The Daily Creative podcast offers a quick daily idea, tip, or strategy to help you be better at what you do each day. Hosted by Todd Henry (author of The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, Herding Tigers).

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Your Ethic

Do you have a defining ethic, or a set of words that describes how you go about making decisions, and that is the filter for the value you bring to the table each day? On this episode, you'll hear about mine and how to develop your own. [iframe style="border:none"...

You’ll Be Known For What You Do

In my book The Accidental Creative, I quoted Kristian Andersen who said "You'll be known for what you do, so you'd better get busy doing what you want to be known for." What exactly is it you want to be known for, and are you busy doing it? [iframe...

The Four Phases Of Growth

There are four phases that you'll pass through in your effort to produce brilliant work in your career. By understanding them, you can ensure that you don't get stuck and that you continue pushing up the growth curve over time. [iframe style="border:none"...

A Lesson From Coldplay

I was recently watching the Coldplay documentary "A Head Full Of Dreams", and lead singer and songwriter Chris Martin said something that struck me in a profound way. He said something like, "The best songs all come in 10 minutes, but it's the hours you s [iframe...

Shooting For The 3

Invisible metrics and hidden agendas can sometimes prevent us from producing the work we are capable of. How did pop music become so bland? Not because people didn't want to make great music. It's because the entire industry was driven by something they c [iframe...

You Are A Badass Every Day (with Jen Sincero)

Your everday practices are what set you up for success. It's not the "every so often" mustering of your will, it's the things you choose to implement regularly that prepare you for those moments when you need to be brilliant. Today's guest is Jen Sincero, and she's...

Standing Out and Fitting In

I recently spoke at an event, and one of the other speakers - Chase Jarvis - said "you can't stand out and fit in at the same time." I think most creative pros oscillate between these two things: a fear of standing out too much, to the point that we might [iframe...

Bury The Butterfly

When beautiful things die - like our ideas, our hopes, our dreams, a career path we thought would pan out - we often just move on and focus on the next thing without stopping to consider how we've been affected by the disappointment of it all. Even good, [iframe...

Four Ways To Stoke Curiosity

I (strongly) agree that the future belongs to the curious, but would add that so does the present. Curious people are able to parse experience and recognize Reality behind reality; what’s truly going on in patterns and systems. They are able to ask great questions, and are willing to trade them in for better ones when they’re not satisfied with the answers. So with that in mind, how can we stay poised, leaning forward, and in a state of productive curiosity? On this episode, we explore four ways.

Stimulus Dive

No matter how long you've been doing what you're doing, it's easy to get into assumptive ruts. Thought ruts. Ruts that prevent you from seeing potentially great ideas. On this episode, I share a few ways to use a "stimulus dive" to get out of your comfort [iframe...

Lower Your Expectations

Paralyzed and unable to gain traction on that big project? Maybe it's because your expectations are too high. (What? Too high?!?!) By lowering your expectations for regular output you can increase the likelihood of actually making meaningful progress on your...

Chasing Dreams (and When To Quit)

People love to encourage you to chase your dreams. They mostly mean well. What they don’t tell you is that you are probably going to fail a lot. And, the problem with pursuing a dream is that it’s hard to know when to quit. On this episode, we discuss the difficulties of giving up a dream, and how to move on when it's no longer a part of who you are.

The Power of Magic and Story (with Harris III)

Why does story have such a powerful hold on us? How do the stories we believe influence the way we behave each day? Perhaps more importantly, how do we leverage the power of story to get our work into the world in a more meaningful way? These are the questions I discuss with Harris III. He's a performing magician, and also the driving force behind STORY, an organization that helps people tell better stories and change the world.

Three Weekend Rituals That Will Refresh Your Creativity

Weekends are not only a great time to rest, but also to recreate (as in “re-create” yourself, and to regain your focus and enthusiasm for your life and work.) By instilling a few simple checkpoints, or rituals, in your weekend, you can spark your creative juices and ensure that you’re clear-headed and focused heading into your next week.

Back To Human (with Dan Schawbel)

Even though we are deeply connected by technology, it's hard to argue that we are in some sense "alone, together." This is especially true in many workplaces, where expectatations are rising, and familiarity is high but empathy and deep connection can be scarce. On today's show, Dan Schawbel shares insights into how to create deeper connection in an age of isolation with principles from his book Back To Human.

Disrupting Yourself Before You’re Disrupted (with Mike McDerment)

In 2015, a strange new competitor appeared to challenge cloud accounting software company Freshbooks' dominance in their space. The new company, called Billspring, had a fresh look and feel, and seemed poised to pose a serious threat to Freshbooks. However, all was not quite as it seemed. On this episode, CEO and Founder Mike McDerment shares the story of how an unlikely competitor completely re-invented the face of the company.