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With more than ten million downloads, The Accidental Creative podcast has provided weekly tips and interviews with top thinkers, leaders, and artists since 2005.

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Herding Tigers

Based on the book of the same name, the Herding Tigers podcast offers tips for leaders of creative people and interviews with brilliant leaders and change makers.

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In the creative process, one of the silent killers is expectation escalation. It’s very important that we have a healthy […]
We live in an age in which we often only see the best aspects of the lives of others. People […]
Twyla Tharp once wrote “Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.” If […]
What is a “culture”? We hear that word tossed around in organizations all the time, but it’s often difficult to […]
What does it mean to be successful? I wrote in my book Die Empty that how you define greatness defines […]
You have four finite resources to spend on behalf of what matters: focus, assets, time, and energy. How you allocate […]
When you create, you likely aren’t doing it just for yourself. You are probably making things – whether a product, […]
It’s one thing to perform at your peak ability, but another thing altogeter to sustain that performance over time. How […]
The words “love” and “work” are rarely used in the same sentence. Work is comprised of those tasks we have […]
Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly sending signals to everyone around you. These signals tell others whether […]