What Space Do You Own?

The other day I read Mitch Joel’s excellent post about what he learned from the film Becoming Elmo. Mitch argued that the people who are brilliant at what they do are able to sum up their “one thing” very succinctly, and that they build their life and work around it. It’s their core. Their base of operation. The filter through which all of their work sifts.

For several years we’ve used the tagline “The arms dealer for the creative revolution” when describing what AC is and does. We exist to equip creative pros with the mindset, tools, and relationships they need to do their brilliant work. Often this means helping people clear obstacles out of their way. More often, it means helping them get out of their own way. (And as fellow creative pros, we’re often dishing out advice with fingers pointed squarely in our own chest.)

At the heart of it, I think we’re freedom fighters for the creative class. On a personal level, my most effective work is always centered around one thing: bringing freedom. Freedom to make. Freedom from judgment. Freedom from fear. Freedom to take risks. Freedom to fail. Freedom to succeed.

So my two words? Bringing freedom. It’s what I structure my life and work around. I love (LOVE!) seeing people set free.

Weekend challenge: Very simple – what are your two words? What space do you own? Add yours here.



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