Platforms Give You Pounceability

“Today’s choices yield tomorrow’s results.” I repeat this message so often and in so many contexts – at companies, conferences, in interactions with taxi drivers and checkout clerks – that I sometimes feel like a broken record (or a scratched CD…umm…corrupted mp3 file.)

But it’s a message that can’t be emphasized enough in today’s “results-now” world. The choices we make today about where we spend focus, time and energy directly impact our ability to pounce on opportunities tomorrow.

It all comes down to building the right platforms. The main definition of a platform is a raised surface that provides an elevated view for you and/or your audience. Building a platform gives you an increased ability to see opportunities and take advantage of them. In other words, platforms give you pounce-ability.

  • When you establish practices in your life in the areas of Focus, Relationships, Energy, Stimuli and Hours, you are building a platform that is designed to produce results tomorrow. You may experience some immediate lift from your efforts, but the main aim is to set yourself up for sustainability and long-term effectiveness. You’re increasing your ability to take advantage of opportunities by ensuring you’ll have the needed focus, time ideas and energy to do so. How can you improve the platform that supports your creative work?
  • When you build a platform that allows others to express their ideas and insights, you are investing in your future ability to connect with a meaningful tribe. By helping others accomplish their goals, you may find that it helps you accomplish yours as well. How can you build a platform for others to express themselves?
  • When you give away aspects of your work that others are better equipped to do effectively, you are building a platform that increases the overall effectiveness of the organization. (That’s a big reason why we are diversifying the number of voices in the mix on the AC site and why I’ve invited the brilliant Matt Gartland to be our new Editorial Director. We’re also bringing more people into the mix very soon.) Sometimes platforms crumble when you try to build them by yourself. Are there others who can help you build your platform?

Platforms not only give you an elevated view of opportunity, they also become an attractor for other likeminded change-makers. As we give lift to others’ thoughts and insights, we may find that it increases the size of the platform beyond what we could do alone.

A few questions:

1. How can you build (or better reinforce) the platforms in your work so that you’ll be more effective?

2. Can you think of some examples of especially effective platforms you’ve seen or been a part of?



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