The Power of No


What are you saying “no” to in your life?

It’s something. It has to be, because whenever you say yes to something, you are implicitly saying no to something else.

You only have so much energy, focus, and time to go around, so when you decide – which means to “cut off” – it’s a form of saying “no”.

However, what I’ve discovered over time is that many people allow their life to become cluttered with yes’s by default. These are passive yes’s, not active ones. They are living with a decision they made months or years ago, and are not making the effort to re-visit whether it’s still the right decision.

I’d challenge you over the coming week to look at all of your commitments, and ask “which of these is a passive, assumptive ‘yes’ that I need to change to ‘no’ so I have more energy to focus on what matters?”

When you prune, new growth emerges. Practice pruning this week.

Question: What are you going to say “no” to this week? Leave a comment below.



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