AC Circles

We’re getting the gang together!

We believe that vibrant relationships are critical to effective long-term creating. That’s why we’re starting AC Circles to help  AC community members connect with one another, network, share their work, get inspired, and discuss how to thrive in the create-on-demand world.

How Do They Work?

Each group needs a host  (or a small group of hosts) to organize the circles. Though the schedule for circle meet-ups is entirely up to the host, we recommend that groups get together once a month.

Hosts are also invited to a monthly online meeting with Todd Henry and other AC team members to discuss how to have an effective gathering.

We’ll provide you with a suggested outline for each group meeting, some things you might want to discuss and some tips for dealing with group dynamics.

Where Do Groups Meet?

AC Circles can meet in a coffee shop, workplace, or home. It’s entirely up to the host.

Interested In Hosting?

Setup a meet-up in your city here. We’ll be in touch with some resources to help you in your first few circle meet-ups.