What you surround yourself with can inspire new ideas and motivate you to keep pressing on when things get difficult. On this episode, I share the three categories of “mementos” that you can keep in your workspace to help you push through challenges and root your work in meaning.

Over To You

I want YOUR questions for the Daily Creative podcast. Send them to, or visit Let me know what you’d like to hear about. Download the...

Noun, or Verb?

On this episode I share a conversation I had recently with Austin Kleon about the nature of creative work, and why some people are more interested in being known for a thing than for actually doing that thing. Download the...

Adventure Is Right In Front Of You

I sent a tweet (@toddhenry) the other day that addressed a pattern I’m seeing with people I’ve been interacting with. It seems that many people are losing the narrative. They expect results without adventure. Celebration with the risk of rejection. Pride without doubts. This doesn’t happen. On this episode, I share a few areas where you need to be brave this week.