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AC #162: Die Empty Play in new window | DownloadYour only job as an artist is to empty yourself every day. To die empty. To divest yourself of whatever is inside of...

AC #158: Manifesto 9

Generosity in the creative process is a core ethic of healthy, thriving teams and artists. But how do we cultivate the practice of generosity? That’s what this episode is all about.

AC #153: Manifesto 4 Play in new window | DownloadGrowth requires intentionality. If you are not growing, you are...

AC #149: Manifesto Play in new window | DownloadCall it a line in the sand. In this podcast, we discuss the basic principles that will guide the AC community moving forward. What does it look like to...

AC #143: Rails

It takes intentionality to engage with creative projects on our own time – they don’t just make themselves. In this episode, we talk about some disciplines that can help us creatively engage and get moving on our “pet” projects.

AC #138: riCardo Crespo

riCardo Crespo, (worldwide Creative Director for Mattel/Hot Wheels), shares his insights on branding, storytelling and sustained creating over the long-term.