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Gaining Traction

My family just returned from a week-long vacation on Lake Erie. It was good to rest and get away from the fray, though anyone with small children will agree that vacations often feel more like packing up your life and moving it to a less convenient place. Still, the...

Obligation vs. Opportunity

Think about how you’ve spent your last 24 hours. How much time did you spend on building something rather than on maintaining something that already existed? Most of us spend the majority of our lives in maintenance mode, whether it’s professionally or...

What Do You Want To Be Known For?

In a podcast interview with Kristian Andersen (to be released on Monday) he said something that caught me off-guard and caused me to think about my day-to-day work. The gist of his comment was that we need to decide what what we want to be known for, and then get working on it. In other words, we need to make sure that our daily activities line up with where we want to be headed.

Meeting Creep

I was having a chat the other day with a peer about the struggles we each have with “meeting creep”. This is a medically diagnosable condition with the primary symptom being the inexplicable expansion of meetings into every crevice and corner of your schedule.

When You Must Be Profound

When we feel that we must be profound, we artificially elevate the stakes and the perceived consequences of not being profound. The unfortunate result is that we do mediocre work because we’re so fixated on the end result that we neglect the process.