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AC #153: Manifesto 4 Play in new window | DownloadGrowth requires intentionality. If you are not growing, you are...

AC #149: Manifesto Play in new window | DownloadCall it a line in the sand. In this podcast, we discuss the basic principles that will guide the AC community moving forward. What does it look like to...

Using Project Notebooks To Set Rails

As someone who has more ideas, prompts and mental “huh’s” than I know what to do with, one of the struggles I’ve had over time is how to focus my thinking on a project so that I can get all of my ideas out and into useful form. I’m currently working on an idea capture/organization system (more on this in a few months…) that better serves my needs, but for now the main way I give “rails” to my creative thinking time is through the use of “project notebooks.”

AC #143: Rails

It takes intentionality to engage with creative projects on our own time – they don’t just make themselves. In this episode, we talk about some disciplines that can help us creatively engage and get moving on our “pet” projects.

AC #138: riCardo Crespo

riCardo Crespo, (worldwide Creative Director for Mattel/Hot Wheels), shares his insights on branding, storytelling and sustained creating over the long-term.