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AC #173: Performance and Team Play in new window | DownloadWhat causes creative teams to gravitate toward mediocrity? One thing – for sure – is the obsessive need for the appearance of performance...

AC #168: Culture and Team Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode we examine five symptoms of potentially diseased creative teams and offer ways to countermand...

AC #162: Die Empty Play in new window | DownloadYour only job as an artist is to empty yourself every day. To die empty. To divest yourself of whatever is inside of...

AC #158: Manifesto 9

Generosity in the creative process is a core ethic of healthy, thriving teams and artists. But how do we cultivate the practice of generosity? That’s what this episode is all about.

AC #153: Manifesto 4

If you are not growing you are dying. In this AC podcast we take a look at #4 on the AC Manifesto, “we are committed to growth.” Are you developing disciplines in your life to help you grow in your creating?