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The Value Of Connectional Intelligence

Last week, I had the chance to chat with Erica Dhawan, who is co-author of the new book Get Big Things Done. The book is about the age of connectedness, and how we can now accomplish things previously unattainable if we leverage “connectional intelligence”.

Newsletters Worth Your Time in 2015

I’m often asked where I find good, high quality content on the web for my stimulus queue. While some of it comes from sites I subscribe to or podcasts I love, a lot of it arrives in my e-mail inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

Are You Stealing From Yourself?

Don’t rob yourself, and stop trying to will yourself to do better. Instead, recognize that small actions of focus and discipline today is the best way to love your future self. Make investments today so that you can reap a return tomorrow.

Don’t Settle For The First Idea

In the effort to “ship fast” we often fail to lay a sturdy foundation for our work, and the results can be disastrous. Shipping early shouldn’t be equivalent to thoughtlessness. You need to ensure that you are respecting the work by giving it your best mental effort.

Why Does Criticism Sting?

It’s often not the circumstances we learn from, but our response to them. Identifying limiting narratives or patterns of self-destruction can help us spot them when they crop up, then nip them before they cause us to implode or obsess needlessly over critique.

A Simple Question That Will Keep You Inspired

If you want to remain productive, and you want to have ideas when you need them most, then the kinds of stimuli you allow into your mind are important. Because creativity is essentially the combining of existing pieces of inspiration in your environment into something new, the quality and relevance of inputs will often directly affect your creative output, thus either propelling you forward or impeding your progress.

Use Time Chunks To Master Distraction

Many of us lack the kind of latitude over our schedule that we’d like to have, but all of us have some discretion about how we spend our time. The best way to prevent distractions and make steady progress on your most important work is to dedicate predictable time to it.

How To Receive Negative Feedback

There’s no delicate way to say this: many of us carry weapons. Not literal weapons (most likely), but figurative ones, and we get trigger happy the moment we experience something we don’t like.

Run Your Race, Not Someone Else’s

Run YOUR race. Execute YOUR plan. Do YOUR work, not someone else’s. Don’t allow envy, spite, ego, or greed to derail you or cause you to chase a phantom ideal that was never meant for you.

Slow and Steady Does NOT Win The Race

Don’t be lulled into the idea that being busy and making progress is necessarily going to net you a win. You have to be intentional and deliberate about your activity, and you have to be willing to sprint when the occasion calls for it.

Don’t Allow Your Rituals To Become Ruts

Simply changing your circumstances or your productivity system might inject a measure of energy into your work and give you a boost for a short while, but that increase in output will be short-lived if you aren’t committed to an outcome.

Don’t Be “The Coach”

Yes…we need coaches. However, don’t be “The Coach”. Instead, offer feedback that is timely, contextualized, empathetic, and helpful in the context of the outcome you’re committed to.

What Gift Will You Give?

As you consider the gift that you have to offer – the expression that is uniquely yours, and yours alone to give away – consider this: the impact of a gift given away in freedom is vast, while a gift spent on the giver quickly fades.