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Herding Tigers

Based on the book of the same name, the Herding Tigers podcast offers tips for leaders of creative people and interviews with brilliant leaders and change makers.


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Be the leader your team needs.

One of the more concerning dynamics of the “everything is on the record all the time” world is that changing […]
The Herding Tigers podcast is back! We’ll be featuring leadership conversations, interviews, and tips for helping your team do its […]
If you have talented, driven, creative people on your team, conflict is inevitable. Conflict isn’t bad, it’s just a by-product […]
It’s human nature to want to assign blame. Since the dawn of time we’ve assigned unseen causes to effects that […]
After a failed project, many teams simply move forward to the next one, without a postmortem. This is a huge […]
Leading creative work is like trying to organize something that doesn’t want to be organized. You will face a number […]
As a leader of a creative organization, your job may be to tell your client’s story through the work of […]
Leadership is hard. It’s a lonely role, you face crushing uncertainty with elevated stakes, and you’re expected to deliver not […]
Here is a core truth of leadership: if you are not inspired, you cannot inspire. Take time each week to […]
If you control the work of your team, their capacity never scales beyond the scope of your personal involvement. Great […]