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With more than ten million downloads, The Accidental Creative podcast has provided weekly tips and interviews with top thinkers, leaders, and artists since 2005.

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Herding Tigers

Based on the book of the same name, the Herding Tigers podcast offers tips for leaders of creative people and interviews with brilliant leaders and change makers.

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There are three forces that can drive our work. Two of them will eventually destroy us. Do you know what […]
Jeff Goins is a writer who challenges others to get moving on their dreams. His new book, The In-Between, is […]
The lack of willingness to commit to creative decisions will kill your motivation and the motivation of your team. In […]
A simple practice that leverages the power of competition to help you come up with better ideas and do better […]
Don’t allow fear to cause you to act in dumb ways, whether that means abdicating your contribution or failing at […]
What if the thing you do is highly competitive? How do you get noticed? On this episode, Amos Heller (touring […]
Brilliant work isn’t just about the moment of creation, it’s also about the moments when you choose to step back […]