Newsletters Worth Your Time in 2015

I’m often asked where I find good, high quality content on the web for my stimulus queue. While some of it comes from sites I subscribe to or podcasts I love, a lot of it arrives in my e-mail inbox on a daily or weekly basis (and then finds its way to Instapaper for later reading.)

Here are a handful of newsletters I subscribe to and that I’ve found helpful:

Farnam Street Weekly – Shane Parrish shares the best of what he’s reading on the web, as well as a roundup of the latest articles from his excellent site.

Brain Pickings – Maria Popova packs her Sunday (at 8am) newsletter with the best posts of the week.

5IT – Alex Madrigal shares the five most intriguing things of the day.

NextDraft – A roundup of the news of the day and latest social commentary.

Chris Brogan – Insightful and helpful advice for business owners.

99u – A weekly roundup of the best articles and videos on the site, and some of the best from around the web.

Accidental Creative – Of course, if that’s still not enough inspiration for you, then subscribe to our weekly newsletter packed with the best of what we’re finding around the web.



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