Do The Work

Lately I’ve given myself a new mantra. It was largely driven by my reading of Linchpin. When I’m reviewing my day, often while lying in bed at night, the question I ask myself is,

“Did I do the work today?”

Not “did I get a bunch of stuff done today?” or “did I feel busy?” but “did I do the work?”

I can keep myself busy all day but never really do the work

The work is defined as the thing that I need to do. It’s what no one else can do in my place. It’s often the place where I feel the most of what Steven Pressfield calls “resistance”. 

It’s the place where I need to show guts and be aggressive. To fight fear. To create value that I can uniquely create.

It probably has little to do with my technical work. It’s usually more about pushing myself to do the really important (and really difficult) stuff. 

So lately I regularly remind myself to do the work and at night I ask myself, “did I do the work today?” It’s been a helpful metric.



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