Creativity Under Pressure: TEDx XavierU

I recently gave a talk at TEDx Xavier University on the dynamics of creating on-demand. (Watch above or click here to view.) It was fun to see a TEDx event organized entirely by a (fantastic) group of university students!

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to trim work you love and are passionate about down until it hurts, but I have to say that it was remarkably difficult to condense what is normally a 60 minute talk into just 18. Considering that I give this talk several times per month at conferences and companies – in much longer format – I found it really difficult to stay on the rails and not venture off into the wilderness. If you watch closely, you may even see me bite my lip a few times to keep from saying more. It was a very useful exercise in creative constraint. (I’d recommend trying this exercise with your art. Choose a project. Take away everything you think you can, then take away some more. Then add a few things back as needed. Funny how things we think are necessary to our art are sometimes luxuries sourced in laziness.)

The gist of the talk is about the importance of building structure into your life in order to create room for your creative process to flourish, specifically in the five areas outlined in the book (Focus, Relationships, Energy, Stimuli, Hours).

So, I’d love it if you’d watch the talk, then let me know in the comments:

1. Which area of Rhythm (Focus, Relationships, Energy, Stimuli, Hours) are you currently doing best at? And/or…
2. Which area of Rhythm are you struggling with the most, or maybe have questions about?

Also, if you find it useful, please help spread the word about the talk. (Thanks!)



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