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Which Productivity Profile Are You?

In my brand new book Die Empty, I examine the common places where bright, sharp, talented people eventually get stuck in their life and career. The goal, of course, is to get your best work out of you every day and to not leave it inside or take it to your grave with you like so many people do.

How To Get Attention For Your Work

To get attention for your work, regardless of what it is, requires effort and persistence. It also requires that you gain an understanding of how to approach those who might help you get the word out.

Why So Many Creatives Struggle With Discipline

Discipline is sometimes perceived as a “dirty word” because it’s interpreted as pushing through the muck, doing the unenjoyable activities first, and forgoing the chocolate cake for the steamed broccoli. However, I think this is a gross misunderstanding of the word.

How To Find A Mentor

Ideally, you’ll have all three kinds of mentors (pathfinders, virtual, truth tellers) to turn to when you’re stuck or generally need advice.