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The Power of No

Many people allow their life to become cluttered with passive yes’s, not active ones. They are living with a decision they made months or years ago, and are not making the effort to re-visit whether it’s still the right decision. Sometimes you have to say “no” in order to re-focus your efforts.

A Simple Question That Will Keep You Inspired

If you want to remain productive, and you want to have ideas when you need them most, then the kinds of stimuli you allow into your mind are important. Because creativity is essentially the combining of existing pieces of inspiration in your environment into something new, the quality and relevance of inputs will often directly affect your creative output, thus either propelling you forward or impeding your progress.

Run Your Race, Not Someone Else’s

Run YOUR race. Execute YOUR plan. Do YOUR work, not someone else’s. Don’t allow envy, spite, ego, or greed to derail you or cause you to chase a phantom ideal that was never meant for you.