THE ACCIDENTAL CREATIVE : Additional Resources

The Accidental Creative mentions several additional resources that might be helpful. Here are some helpful links:

Chapter 5: Energy

Be Excellent At Anything by Tony Schwartz
The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loer and Tony Schwartz

Chapter 7: Stimuli

Some resources for keeping your Stimulus Queue in order:
Instapaper – This is a great web-based tool for organizing web articles for later review during your study times.
Evernote – A fantastic, multi-platform service for clipping and organizing notes and reference material.
DevonThink – a great research and writing tool for those who need to archive a lot of information.
Levenger’s Circa Line – a fantastic, and extensible tool for taking notes and archiving them.

Chapter 9: The Checkpoints

Here’s a worksheet to help you with your Quarterly Checkpoint.

Additionally, many of our podcasts offer suggestions via audio and video for how to implement the principles in the book more effectively.