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Stay Connected

You may have heard that in the coming few weeks Google Reader is going away, which means (according to our stats) many of our subscribers might also unintentionally be out of the AC loop. That said, I’m making a personal plea on a few fronts:

Please subscribe to The Accidental Creative podcasts

They’re free, they’re (mostly) weekly, and they offer up some of the best thinking we’re doing about the creative process and how to do work that matters.
You can easily subscribe in iTunes or by RSS, but you can also subscribe using a mobile app such as Downcast (my favorite!)

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Please subscribe to our e-mail updates

Again, they’re free and they collect the best of what we see happening out there, along with the best articles and podcasts from AC world, and deliver them straight to your inbox. (No spam – we don’t send sales pitches or useless/irrelevant information.) Plus, I’ll be forwarding a lot of exclusive info about and content from my upcoming book over the next few months!

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Please follow on Twitter and Facebook

I tend to post inspirational or fascinating things that I’m seeing/noticing, and articles that I think will inspire you to do better work.

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OK – that’s all for now. Thanks so much for being a part of the AC community. Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements over the coming month!



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