It’s Die Empty Launch Week!

Die Empty

We’re just a few days from the launch of Die Empty this Thursday!

Die Empty is here!

If you’re interested in reading early reviews or listening to some of the early interviews I’ve been doing, check out the links below:

Entrepreneur Magazine (excerpt)
Success Magazine (review, October issue)
Escape From Cubicle Nation/Pam Slim (interview)
Beyond The To-Do List (interview)
Chris Guillebeau (post)
Converge Podcast (interview)
Mikes on Mics (interview)
Cal Newport (post)
The Pro Guide (interview)
5am Miracle (interview)
Intrepid Radio (interview)
Soapbox Media (interview)
Take Permission (review)
Nsavides Podcast (interview)
Book of Kells (review)
BlogcastFM (interview)
The Creative Group (excerpt)
Ministry Briefing (interview)
The Engaging Leader (interview)
Curiosity Cast (interview)
Doubt The Doubts (interview)
Resonance Podcast (interview)
Entrepreneur Magazine – #2 (another excerpt)
The Creative Group (excerpt)
AuthorMBA (interview) (interview) (interview)
Chicago Tribune (interview)
Chris Brogan (interview)

There will be a lot more added over the coming days. Did you write a review or make mention of the book? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.




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