It’s A Book! (And It Has Friends)

Yes, it’s kind of embarrassing when you do a little dance in front of the UPS delivery person. But what other response should I have to finally holding something in my hands that I’ve been working on for years? Last week I finally received my first hardcover copy of The Accidental Creative, and on July 7th it launches into bookstores everywhere. We’d love your help getting the word out.

The main message of the book is this: in order to be brilliant at a moment’s notice, you need to begin far upstream from the moment you need an idea. This means making small changes in your behavior each day that add up to better focus, more energy and more effective use of your time. Collectively these changes help you have better ideas when you need them.

If you believe that AC has been helpful to your life and work over the years, there are some simple ways you can help us get the book and its message out to others.

1. Pre-order the book, and encourage others to do the same. If you think you’re going to buy it anyway, order it now and you’ll get a slew of pre-order goodies as thank you gifts. (You may even want to encourage your manager or team leader to study the book together as a team. The format really lends itself to that kind of discussion. Tell them they can download a free chapter here.) Pre-orders help booksellers and others gauge demand for the book, so the more we can sell out of the gate the more likely the book will be on the shelves when people are looking to buy it. (If you pre-order, simply forward your receipt to book [at] to qualify for the pre-order gifts.)

PRE-ORDER NOW: Amazon · Kindle · B&N · BAM · Borders · 800-CEO-READ

2. Join the Street Team. We have dozens of community members on our AC Book Street Team, and we have some fun stuff planned for the next few weeks. Simply join the Facebook Group and join in the fun.

3. Share the video. If you’d like to help get the message out, please copy this link (for the video above) and share it on Facebook or Twitter:

I’m going to try hard to limit the amount of book-related stuff on the site over the next three weeks, but I have to say it will be difficult – I don’t think I’ve been this excited about anything in a while!

If you have ideas for other ways we can get the word out, please don’t hesitate to let us know. I’m deeply appreciative for any and all help you’re willing to offer. As always, it’s great to be creating with you!



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