Announcing The Circa Idea Book

I’ve been a huge fan of Levenger for many years. I’ve used their Circa notebooks for years to track nearly every project I’ve worked (including the book I’m currently writing). Needless to say, I was elated when Levenger expressed interest in collaborating on a product for the Circa line. After several months of design and planning, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Circa Idea Book, a Circa-based version of the Personal Idea Pad. When you need an idea for a project, it’s designed to help you surround your creative problems and attack them from multiple angles, leveraging ideas and concepts that might otherwise go overlooked.

Check out the Circa Idea Book at the Levenger website to learn more. (Also, read an interview about the creative process that I recently did for Levenger founder Steve Leveen’s blog.)

(While you’re there, also check out the Right Brain Business Plan Circa product by our friend Jennifer Lee, and the Circa Action Method Notebook by Behance.)



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